Travelling to visit friends

I travel frequently. At least twice a month, I take a weekend and go somewhere, and it’s normally to visit friends all over the country. Travelling from the West Coast can be time consuming, but it’s something that I just have to deal with if I want to continue living in Cali, which I do. In the past year, I’ve been to 14 different states, and have had an absolute blast doing it. Fortunately, my day job gives me a great deal of time off yearly (almost a full month) so I can take long weekends routinely.

One of my close buddies works for Quicken Loans in one of their offices in Farmington Hills, Michigan. He called me up out of the blue, and wanted to know if I would come out and help him with his preparation for a Half Marathon that is taking place in Chicago in a few weeks. Most of my trips include partying with buddies, so this was a welcome change, and I immediately agreed to it. He did say that he had a few ideas about going to Detroit, or Ann Arbor as well during the weekend, and I have never been to Ann Arbor, so this sounded like a blast of a time.

Since I was flying in on a Friday in the late afternoon, and Ryan was still working, I simply needed a one way ride to his place from the Detroit Airport. I figured I would call a Limo Service and see what I could get in the form of a Lincoln Town Car, which I easily found through I was picked up curbside by the chauffeur, but we got stuck in traffic and didn’t arrive at Ryan’s house until about an hour later.

Once there, I found the hide-a-key, and made my way into the house to get settled.

After Ryan arrived home, we discussed his specific workout routine, as it included strength training along with distance running to get prepared for the Half. He said he had been taking some supplements from Advocare, which had been helping him with his cravings for sugar. I have taken some similar products in the past (from another direct sales company), and the results were awesome. If you have the money for them, the products can be absolutely amazing, but because of the direct sales aspect, and paying distributors their commission, you can spend a ton of dough.

Anyway, we lined up the weekend activities, and then began to talk about his workout routine. He had been ramping up to about 6 miles max, but hadn’t gone further than that, so I thought with me helping, it would be good to push him a bit and help him get to about 8 miles on Saturday. We also agreed that to vary up the routine a bit, we would play some hoops on Sunday. I’m a big fan of variation in workouts, for two reasons:

1. You don’t feel like you’re doing the same old thing. When you go to the gym, and do the same things over and over and over again, it can do two things. You get end up getting so bored that you lose interest, and get out of the routine of going to workout.

2. Your muscles aren’t shocked. This is huge if you want to build, either in size or endurance. Most athletic trainers understand this, and help the athletes they train to vary up their workouts greatly so they can become the elite specimens needed to compete at a high level.

The run on Saturday morning was tough, as I’m not a distance runner, but since I’m in good enough shape to do it, I dragged my tired body through the last 3 miles while Ryan provided encouragement. He, surprisingly, said he didn’t have a problem with anything past mile 3, because he simply got in a good groove and found his rythym. Sometimes, all you need is a good groove when it comes to jogging.

Sunday, Ryan absolutely murdered me in our game of 1-1 at the local gym he belongs to. He played basketball in High School, so I expected this outcome to be what it was.

Sunday night, I took the red eye flight from Detroit back to LAX. Monday morning, I called in sick to work just because I was still tired from all the physical activity of the weekend.

Pretty good little trip if you ask me.

I’m excited to get back to my new truck, and to figure out buying a new phone!

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